Bug Tracker Platform, Improvements

Revamped Teams Page

The UI of the teams page has been revamped. The details about the Team is displayed in the form of cards, which includes the team name, owner name, and email address, as well as the profile image. You can also see a list of team members in card view which can help you uncover the following:
1) A teammate’s user type, such as owner/admin/member
2) List of team members and invitees.
3) The number of licenses available to a particular team.
4) Addition, removal, or updating the user type of any team member

Bug Tracker Platform, Improvements

Full-fledged Billing Panel

With the new design improvements, managing subscriptions is now much easier. When you subscribe to one of our plans, you’ll now see more information on the subscription page, including the plan you’ve chosen, the number of team members covered by your plan, and the date the plan will expire.

You can now add or remove any number of licenses at any point of the time from the subscription page. Earlier you had to contact the team to do so, but now all of these have been simplified for you. 

Bug Tracker Platform, Improvements

Save Filters

With the addition of advanced filters, we have now brought in the option to save filters. With this improvement, you will be able to

  • Find this option under the Filters drop-down.
  • Save the basic, advanced, or combination of basic and advanced filters added.
  • Save an unlimited number of filters to a specific project.
  • Save time by applying saved filters with fewer clicks than manually adding filters.
Bug Tracker Platform, Improvements

Advanced Filters

With the help of advanced filters, you will now be able to filter the issues based on Created Date, Issue ID, Network and other fields.

Here are few things you could do

  • Filter out issues based on conditions provided.
  • Pin-point to issues with the help of search queries.
  • Filter based on Private or Public issues.
Bug Tracker Platform, Improvements


We have also made a few major improvements to the platform 

Here is the list of things you could do

  • Help banners have been added to provide you with more information about how a certain feature is useful to you.
  • Check on more than one filter and fetch the results, in turn reducing the number of clicks.
  • Filter out issues based on New, In progress and Closed status by clicking on the Status Label Counts on Issues List page.
  • The Try Now banners on the left nav will now open as a pop-up rather than navigating to a new page, allowing you to make changes in the pop-up, close it, and return to the previous page to continue.
  • Deallocate/Unassign the member to whom issue is assigned on the detailed issue pop-up instead of opening the assignee issue list.
  • View the team members list on issues page.
Bug Tracker Platform, Improvements

We are now 6x faster!

The performance has drastically improved. Initially, issues including chaining of critical requests, long main thread tasks, and page load time impacted the overall performance of the product, however, all of these issues have now been resolved and the GTMetrix Grade has been raised from F to C (haha! Not that much but hang in there we are working on it 😛).

Some cool changes are

  • Page Load time dropped from 27.6 to 3.2 seconds🔽.
  • Images on the issue list page have been compressed to load them faster.
  • Largest Content Element count dropped from 14.3 to 1.3 seconds🔽.