Bug Tracker Platform, Improvements

Revamped Project list page

The project dashboard now has a more user-friendly interface. The team names have been added to the project card to make it more prominent. In addition, instead of labels, icons have been introduced to indicate the project category, such as public/private/contributed. Previously, the issue counts were represented as a progress bar, but now the issue counts are displayed.

Bug Tracker Platform, Improvements

Revamped Edit Issue Pop-up

We have brought some cool user interface changes for you in the issue pop-up. The severity and status of the problem are highlighted in bright colours. You can also view and add the attachments to an issue at any time to provide additional information on it. In addition to these improvements, the summary is now auto-updated after each modification. The option to report a bug via email is now available in the issue pop-up. 

Bug Tracker Platform, Improvements

Drag and Drop Workflow Builder

The workflows page now has a card view for a better user experience. All workflows that have been added by default will now be displayed in three cards: New, Closed, and In-Progress. You may now quickly adjust the workflow by dragging and dropping other statuses onto any of these cards. You can also add a new status to your existing workflow by giving it a name and selecting a color code.

Bug Tracker Platform, Improvements

Revamped Teams Page

The UI of the teams page has been revamped. The details about the Team is displayed in the form of cards, which includes the team name, owner name, and email address, as well as the profile image. You can also see a list of team members in card view which can help you uncover the following:
1) A teammate’s user type, such as owner/admin/member
2) List of team members and invitees.
3) The number of licenses available to a particular team.
4) Addition, removal, or updating the user type of any team member

Bug Tracker Platform, Improvements

Full-fledged Billing Panel

With the new design improvements, managing subscriptions is now much easier. When you subscribe to one of our plans, you’ll now see more information on the subscription page, including the plan you’ve chosen, the number of team members covered by your plan, and the date the plan will expire.

You can now add or remove any number of licenses at any point of the time from the subscription page. Earlier you had to contact the team to do so, but now all of these have been simplified for you. 

Bug Tracker Platform, Improvements

Save Filters

With the addition of advanced filters, we have now brought in the option to save filters. With this improvement, you will be able to

  • Find this option under the Filters drop-down.
  • Save the basic, advanced, or combination of basic and advanced filters added.
  • Save an unlimited number of filters to a specific project.
  • Save time by applying saved filters with fewer clicks than manually adding filters.