Bug Tracker Platform, Improvements

We are now 6x faster!

The performance has drastically improved. Initially, issues including chaining of critical requests, long main thread tasks, and page load time impacted the overall performance of the product, however, all of these issues have now been resolved and the GTMetrix Grade has been raised from F to C (haha! Not that much but hang in there we are working on it 😛).

Some cool changes are

  • Page Load time dropped from 27.6 to 3.2 seconds🔽.
  • Images on the issue list page have been compressed to load them faster.
  • Largest Content Element count dropped from 14.3 to 1.3 seconds🔽.
Bug Tracker Platform, Improvements

Improvements in March 2021

Enhancements in Jira​

You are now given a choice on the type of attachments to be uploaded to Jira. With this improvement, you can either upload just the issue screenshot, flow screenshots, or even in the form of a gif.

Subscription Plans for Teams​

Subscription is now team-based which makes team management much easier. When the owner of the team subscribes to the plan, all the team members would be able to access the features and use our product seamlessly.

Design changes in System Details Field​

You can now easily add the device/system details in the Issue pop-up with all the fields aligned horizontally in a single line improving user experience.

Bug Tracker Platform, Improvements

Improvements in February 2021 | 2nd Release

Simpler Issue Editor​

The overall UI and UX are improved in add issue pop making it easier for you to add and edit an issue.​

Add Your Comments via Emails​

You will still be able to add comments to issues even if you are not part of a team after the team owner approves of your comment. Similarly, when you are the owner, you will receive comments from other users with an option to either approve or reject. This makes communication exclusive and easy.​

Welcome Banner​

A welcome banner is shown on the new Sign up to the platform.​

Bread Crumbs for Easy Navigation​

You can now easily navigate to the previous pages via the breadcrumb as the page names are added in hyperlinks.​

Bug Tracker Platform, Improvements

Improvements in January 2021

Create New Project

​First time users can now directly create new projects without providing the URL. Users can now also pin any particular project and unpin them.​​​

Issue List Page ​

First time users can add issues in the issue list with one or multiple issues.​​​

Top Issue Widget

NowUsers can search top issues with the tags and summary, it will popup the issue. Clicking on the issue id users can get the summary of the issue and the popup for the particular issue appears where user can make changes.
Also, User can tag anyone from the team in the comments.​​​

Cosmetic Changes

Name in the emails from Issue tracker will now show the actual name of the person who makes changes in the issue and does not show Bugasura any more. This makes the communication exclusive and easy.​​​

Mobile View Top Navigation

Users can now easily navigate from one screen to another and view all the changes in one place.