Bugasura Github Integration
2023, February, Improvements

Now access Bugasura GitHub integration on a side panel


You may already know how GitHub automatically updates issues based on GitHub actions “Enabled”. It has multiple settings like Map Github actions with workflow and setting magic words for workflow. These settings are now moved to a right/side panel on Bugasura to avoid the confusion between showing module settings and reconfiguring it.

Why we moved the Bugasura Github integration?

Bugasura can be integrated with multiple tools like Zendesk and Asana. These can be configured with very few simple steps by following the instructions on the screen.

This setup/configuration is shown on the popup at the center of the screen, where disabling/enabling these tools is shown on the right-side panel.

Similarly, Github has multiple settings which were earlier shown at the center of the screen while reconfiguring it. To help you understand the flow of the configuration and avoid confusion, we have now moved the setting to the side panel.

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