Bug Tracker Platform, Features

Personalized Onboarding

When you sign-up for Bugasura, the experience is more personalized now with an interactive wizard. The wizard has previously focused on ways to simplify your flow and assist you in better understanding the product. However, we’ve improved the experience by allowing the wizard to be customized.
In the wizard, you can perform the following things:

  1. Determine your role, such as developer, designer, etc.
  2. Choosing the challenges you face while executing your work tasks that are particular to your job tasks. You can also add any difficulties you’re having that aren’t covered in the other sections, which will help us comprehend the problem you’re having.
  3. In addition to establishing a project for your team, you can also construct your team’s workflow. You can use a variety of informative tags to make your issues more relevant. You can also invite members of your team to join the team.
  4. Users can view payment plan details and choose which plan they wish to subscribe to in the future, in addition to personalizing the workflow.
  5. After the spectacular interactive wizard, you’ll get an overview of the workflow that you’ve customized for your team.

Bug Tracker Platform, Improvements

Drag and Drop Workflow Builder

The workflows page now has a card view for a better user experience. All workflows that have been added by default will now be displayed in three cards: New, Closed, and In-Progress. You may now quickly adjust the workflow by dragging and dropping other statuses onto any of these cards. You can also add a new status to your existing workflow by giving it a name and selecting a color code.

Bug Tracker Platform, Features

Multi-platform Projects

The platform selection how we had earlier was highly precise, with constraints on choosing device specifics whenever a person selects a certain platform to create a project, such as Android/iOS/Desktop Web, etc., making it impossible for people to showcase the whole device coverage for a single project.
You’ll now be able to create a multiplatform project in which you’ll be able to report issues across platforms without having to include device/system/or other platform-specific details when adding the issue.

Android App, Features

Connect Projects to Apps

With Bugasura Android Reporter, you can now report issues by linking an app to a project created on the Bugasura tracker; the same changes will be mirrored on the platform as well and vice versa. Previously, we were unable to launch projects created in the platform using the Reporter App since the package name and build version were not associated. You now can launch platform projects directly from the Reporter App.
Our Android app is now project-centric rather than app-centric. We can now associate Apps with projects, and this is reflected in the platform as well. Both the Android Reporter App and Bugasura Tracker are synced in this way.

Bug Tracker Platform, Features

Epic Plan Introduced!

With the addition of a new plan i.e. Free Plan, you will be able to use the product without any hassle. Also, you can invite up to 10 members and access all the features of the product. As a PRO Plan user, you can access all the features just at Rs.350/user/month OR $5/user/month with an unlimited number of users and unlimited projects.

Bug Tracker Platform, Improvements

Revamped Teams Page

The UI of the teams page has been revamped. The details about the Team is displayed in the form of cards, which includes the team name, owner name, and email address, as well as the profile image. You can also see a list of team members in card view which can help you uncover the following:
1) A teammate’s user type, such as owner/admin/member
2) List of team members and invitees.
3) The number of licenses available to a particular team.
4) Addition, removal, or updating the user type of any team member