Bugasura CSV uploads
2023, April, Features, March

Easily import your CSV files to Bugasura

If you’re still using Google Sheets or MS Excel to track bugs manually, it’s time to switch to a nimble bug tracker like Bugasura. Now, you can easily migrate all your data to Bugasura easily in 2 clicks with the .CSV import feature in the integrations sections.

Introducing .CSV Import
We now have a feature in our platform that allows users to create bulk issues by uploading CSV files.

Why should you use it
With the Bugasura .CSV import option you can:
1) Migrate from another bug tracker to Bugasura
2) Create issues in bulk
3) Import bugs from google sheets or MS Excel to Bugasura

Step 1: Head to your dashboard and navigate to any project
Step 2: Go to the project Integrations page in the project settings section and do the following:
1) Choose CSV Import Card
2) Upload CSV File to Platform and choose Sprint
3) Select Load Project Data.

4) Map the .CSV header fields with the Bugasura fields.
5) Done, the import from CSV will begin in the backend.

You will no longer have to worry about the data loss during migrations. You will also avoid data loss when switching from another bug tracker to Bugasura.

Start importing your bugs to Bugasura today!

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