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Abhijeet Rajpurohit is an Exploratory tester who has been using Bugasura for quite a while now. He has had 500+ sessions and reported around 1000+ bugs. Since his college days he wanted to develop apps that impact the society. He with his team was the winner of Smart India Hackathon, 2018, and RECKonx Social Hackathon. He has also deployed a cloud service that he used to host computer games that require high system specs to run natively(how cool is that). He enjoys his job as he gets to learn new things each day.

How Abhijeet helped fix a critical bug
Abhijeet Rajpurohit

We asked him a few questions about his journey so far and what keeps him going. Here are a few questions and his to-the-point responses-

Udeepta: What kind of tester are you?

Abhijeet: I like working on both Exploratory and Automation testing. The part that I enjoy is enhancing the User Experience of the Product by any means.

Udeepta: What excites you about the field of testing?

Abhijeet: Software Testing to me is about looking at software from different perspectives with different expectations. I also understand it is not to develop such a mindset to test software from all software but tools like Bugasura really helps. At the end of the day, tracking bugs, suggesting fixes does contribute to better software; and that is surely a very satisfactory feeling.

Udeepta: How has Bugasura changed testing for you?

Abhijeet: Bugasura is an excellent tool for the testing community, not only it helps in tracking bugs and taking screenshots, but it also saves lot of time in the logging and organizing the bug reports. The most exciting feature is the reports generated can be directly pushed to Jira, it makes reporting that easy. For Exploratory testers like me Bugasura does reduce the pain and makes you explore more.

Udeepta: What kind of bugs is tough to explain?

Abhijeet: The bugs related to database issues are very difficult to understand and tough to explain to a front-end developer who has
no access to the back-end database.

Udeepta: What tools do you want but don’t exist?

Abhijeet: Good tools are a must when you are an Exploratory tester. The main issue I am facing is while regression testing. If there is a tool that can run previously executed test cases.

Udeepta: Can you share an exciting story about a bug you found?

Abhijeet: Once I was using Bugasura to test an app that enables people to block explicit content while browsing the Web(like a child-lock system). The Premium version had issues that led to many Bad Reviews and paid users were looking for a refund, which is not a good sign. Going through the user reviews, it gave me an idea about where to look for to fix the bugs. The issue was only for users who used a certain payment gateway, after these users close the app the content blocking feature shuts down too.

This was the issue. I immediately shared the detailed bug report with screenshots to the Developer on Jira directly from Bugasura. They fixed the bug and pushed an updated version to Play Store, the app started getting good reviews and happy subscribers again.

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