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How to get from Pro to Expert in Testing

Mahalakshmi Purushotham is an Exploratory tester since right after her college at Moolya Software Testing. She had completed around 350 hours of bug tracking and reporting sessions on Bugasura Mobile App. During her college days, Mahalakshmi has participated and won laurels in events like Wiprostav, VTU Youth Festival. She has published IEEE papers on forums like IJCESR and IJERT. Additionally, she is a trained Bharatnatyam dancer and has featured in many competitions.

We asked her a few questions about her style of testing, her journey so far and what she aspires to be. Here are a few questions and her hefty responses-

Udeepta: What kind of a tester are you?

Mahalakshmi: I am a very persistent and objective-oriented tester. Persuasive because I am not easily convinced with the developers’ plan of action after reporting the bug. I will always follow-up and ensure the issues are fixed. Also, while testing, I see the product as an end-user would, so that I can explore all perspectives of using it; that’s the objective always.

Udeepta: If not a tester, what would you have been?

Mahalakshmi: If I hadn’t been a tester, I would have pursued the other creative activities I enjoy doing. I could be a classical dancer, an artist, a fitness model. To be honest, I am happy to be a tester because I get to be creative in my approach to testing.

Udeepta: What’s your plan to be a Super Tester?

Mahalakshmi: Being a tester is not easy at all. Sometimes, reproducing the test flow over and over again can be frustrating, but to deliver the best quality, a tester requires patience. So, to be a Super-tester one needs to have all the technical skills along with Patience as a virtue. I know its easier said than done, but I am on my way.

Udeepta: Give us a list of tools that you use for testing.

Mahalakshmi: I have used tools like Selenium and Appium for Automation. But for Exploratory testing I haven’t used any until I came across Bugasura. It really eases the job, we have our test cases ready. Having said that, one also has to exercise the mind to get most, if not all, of the bugs.

Udeepta: What is the worst mistake you made as a tester?

Mahalakshmi: I mentioned earlier I am very persistent when it comes to testing. Once I was sweet-talked by a developer and I fell for it. They releases the build without fixing the bug. I still feel guilty for it, however it’s a lesson learnt there.

Udeepta: Share with us an exciting bug you found.

Mahalakshmi: Haha. This one is funny. Once I was testing a Health & Wellness app. While setting up your account, even when you choose Gender as ‘Male’, the app still shows Pregnancy or Women’s health-related stuff. I highlighted this disconnect to the developers and they burst out laughing. Bottom-line is bugs- big or small, silly or not, needs to go. It hampers the end-user’s experience, no product should compromise on it, whatever it takes to enhance the experience.

With this question, we wrapped up the interview and wished Mahalakshmi great success ahead. Success comes only to those who believe in themselves and are prepared to win. Bugasura should be in your arsenal if you’re an Exploratory Tester. Reporting a bug is faster on Bugasura. Get your focus back on finding more bugs and leave the redundant stuff for Bugasura. Add more credibility to your testing.