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  • Checklist: Top security testing practices for the modern SAAS CTO in 2023
    5 minute read As a CTO, you’re responsible for protecting the sensitive data of your SaaS business and maintaining your customer’s trust.  It’s a critical role that requires staying up to date on the latest security best practices and taking proactive measures to safeguard against data breaches and other threats.  So, what can you do to protect your SaaS business and keep your customer data safe?  This checklist should help you keep a tab on the top security testing practices in 2023: ✅ Encrypt sensitive data  If your SaaS business handles sensitive information, such as personal data or financial data, it’s important to encrypt […]
  • Reducing Noise Levels With Discord + Bugasura (or Any Modern-day Bug Tracker)
    4 minute read Discord is an excellent platform for bringing in users and engaging them with what they like and don’t like. We know of Indie developers building new-age modern software who have moved away from Git Issues and have started using Discord. However, they all face one serious problem – it can get very noisy. Noise is bad for developer productivity The requirements for the use of tracking tools are rather stringent. The ‘noise’ around defect tracking mainly arises from the overhead of adhering to strict conditions. There is no argument over the utility of defect tracking, per se.  Often, developers in […]
  • What Would a Reinvented Bug Tracker Visually Look Like?
    4 minute read The bug tracker is among the least reinvented products in decades. We are changing it. But even before we reinvented it, we asked – what does a reinvented bug tracker look like? Why reinvent something that is working? Bug tracking tools empower development teams at every step of the bug life cycle. The tool facilitates the logging by the testers of concise and accurate bug reports. Bug reports help developers in reproducing the bugs and quickly fixing them. The hallmark of a good bug report is that it should not require any further communication or follow-up questions. The time, thus […]