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Above is a story about Priya who is a QA Tester. She was assigned to test an app, but she was struggling to find a bug in the app. She used Bugasura to help her report bugs. An idea dawned upon her, she started checking the reviews of the app she was testing. She went through the user problems in the reviews and found a very deep-rooted bug that was depreciating the User Experience of the app.

The Product Team was really happy with Priya’s work; the bug was the cause for all the bad reviews of the app. The developers fixed the issue immediately and eventually, the app’s performance improved significantly. Priya was appreciated as she helped the Product team as her contribution was of immense help.

Moral of the story:

  • No app is perfect, bugs are always hidden in the depth.
  • To find bugs one must dive deep.
  • Pair testing, group testing (getting a different perspective) helps.
  • Clues are always there, one must think out-of-the-box to decode one.
  • Bugasura takes away the time required for reporting enabling one to focus on finding more bugs.

To get this review from a Tester who tests every day using Bugasura is a blessing and made our day. Many startups, service companies, and product companies across India and abroad are implementing Bugasura for their native app and web app testing.

Reporting using bugasura