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This week we interview Nishantha CK, 4 years into Software Testing. Prior to Moolya, she was working with Accenture. She is a self-starter, lightning-quick when it comes to acquiring new skills and a problem-solver. In her spare time, Nisha is an avid reader, also loves penning down her thoughts. She is a trained Indian classical singer and actively does voluntary work on humanitarian ground.

How can Bugasura improve software testing

Nishantha has clocked more than 213 hours of testing and reporting on Bugasura App. We asked her a few questions about her experience with Bugasura, and how does it change her way of testing (if it does), we got an honest review along with some actionable insights for us to work upon and improve the experience to the next level.

Udeepta: What kind of a tester are you?

Nisha: I enjoy testing and mobile app testing is something I started learning since I joined Moolya has added significantly to this overall passion for testing. I prefer having a structure and incorporate this into the way I plan, strategize, test, and make the product as efficient as possible.

Udeepta: How has Bugasura changed testing for you?

Nisha: Bugasura has helped by saving a lot of time it could ideally take to recreate an issue since all of this gets recorded, easy to access, and present when required.

I can test the apps a  lot more confidently with this knowledge, go back in case there are any clarifications I’d need. Additionally, the sync with Jira and the update with the Bug Description is a much-needed feature on Bugasura. 

I’m able to keep track of the number of scenarios I’m executing with the test case driven feature, integrate both the website testing and the apps across devices, when I have to go back and forth. The Pause option is something that has added easy access to switch during testing and added accountability by keeping track of how much time is spent for an execution. Bugasura is truly a great testing assistant/companion.

Udeepta: What tools do you want but don’t exist?

Nisha: An added feature could be the ability to add to test cases for the currently running case on multiple devices/phones without the need to end a session on one phone. This way, it’s easier to compare what bugs occurred and the transition that happens between two or more devices for the same app I’m using.

Udeepta: What’s the worst mistake you made in your life as a tester?

Nisha: The worst mistake I’ve made so far as a tester, which I’m rectifying now is, not learning enough before. In the past few months, I’ve been able to broaden my understanding of testing with a lot of help from my colleagues and the continuous knowledge in hand at Moolya.

Udeepta: Share with us the story of an exciting bug you found.

Nisha: The bugs I get excited about are the ones that come in as loopholes while testing and when these Improvement features get incorporated in the later cycles after the suggestions are made. Apart from finding the bugs, I also like to delve into the root cause of this and explore the reasons for the behavior. Bugasura, additionally, has helped me in collating issues, including some I might’ve missed the first time.

Udeepta: What are some of your own tricks to find bugs?

Nisha: I take the time required to understand the process that I’d be testing and simultaneously make note of all the scenarios that do come immediately. This way it’s easier to spend the time I’d need testing all possible scenarios and tests without a lot of hiccups when there are changes added later on and effectively test. I’ve begun to learn a lot more by exploring the different testing techniques present, reading, and seeing how it can be used in the work I do.