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Core Web Vitals - now inside Bugasura!

Google core web vitals - now available inside your Bugasura projects. Manage and monitor the health of your website and web applications in one place.


Everything you need for your website & web app development projects

Explore a wide range of tools from the Bugasura suite of products for your website and web application development projects.

One click website vitals setup

Enter the link of the website or web app you want to monitor and link it to a project. You’ll get Google Core Lighthouse reports pulled for the website pulled into your Bugasura project.

Monitor website health

Monitor Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), Interaction To Next Paint (INP), and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) as part of core web vitals of your website. You can also keep a track of SEO, PWA, and accessibility meters right inside your Bugasura project.

Get website improvement insights

As part of Google’s lighthouse reports - you also get suggestions and improvement insights on what’s performing poorly and how you should fix it. The performance monitor runs every 24 hours so you have up to date information about your web applications.

Improve team efficiency with our suite of products

Help your developers, PMs, and testers work together effectively with Bugasura’s bug tracking and issue reporting abilities

Bugasura Chrome Reporter

Explore the Bugasura chrome plugin to give contextual feedback to developers and designers while working on a web app or website project. Use this AI-enabled plugin to raise issues faster with more details.

Chrome Reporter

Bugasura issue tracker

Push all issues into a central AI-enabled issue tracking tool, automatically generate descriptions, expected behavior, and severity. You can also detect similar issues and explore previously pushed fixes.

Issue Tracker

Over 50,000+ developers, testers, and product managers have used Bugasura to power their projects.

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