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Nikhitha Ravi started her career as an Exploratory Tester right after college. She was in the top 3 in her batch in college when she graduated in Construction Technology and Management. For her college project, she made this life-size 6ft x 4ft room with plastic bottles and other recycled materials. Massive respect for the responsibility she has shown towards conserving the environment sustainably.

Nikhitha’s passion to make an impact and her curiosity about the Software industry brought her to Software Testing, and since then, there was no turning back.

We asked a few questions to Nikhitha about her approach towards testing and we got some really insightful answers which clearly define her objectives in life and also while testing a software.

Udeepta: What excites you about the field of testing?

Nikhitha: For me understanding the product and testing the same while considering different factors like functionality, performance, and risk is very interesting. Also, the fact knowing my work is going to impact the quality of the product excites me the most.

Udeepta: How has Bugasura changed testing for you?

Nikhitha: Bugasura helps me capture screenshots and also lets me annotate on the bug screenshot captured, this definitely helps me in reproducing a bug/crash in the application. I can also say that Bugasura is a Great Companion for Testers with awesome features like Sync with Jira, capturing screenshots, build comparison to name a few.

Udeepta: What tools do you want but don’t exist?

Nikhitha:  Any tester with a good tool becomes more powerful and efficient. It would be great if a tool captures logs as and when a bug is reported or when the App crashes, which can be downloaded and attached for reference to the Developers on reporting a critical bug.

Udeepta: How do you not run out of test ideas?

Nikhitha: I would first list down the categories I could test and generate test cases under each category. I also believe with time as we explore a large number of apps we understand different aspects of testing.

Udeepta: What are some of your own tricks to find bugs?

Nikhitha: It is very important to understand and know the goal of the Application and have a set of good test cases generated and to execute them multiple times on different test environments and also have a wide range of Test Data Sets to be included while testing.

Udeepta: Share with us an exciting bug you found.

Nikhitha: Well recently I was testing an App and I wanted to explore the Profile section of the App and I wanted to change the profile picture for the App and I uploaded a good one and observed that it never got uploaded and I was constantly adding different pictures and still nothing worked and right when a meme from my phone got uploaded, my DP was a meme for some time as I could not even remove it. This was one of the bug I raised using Bugasura and the series of screenshots captured helped me get it resolved.

Time is free but it’s priceless. One can’t own it, but one can use it. One can’t keep it, but one can spend it. Once one loses it, one can never get it back. For a tester, more time means more exploration. More exploration reveals more bugs. More bugs reported means the software is an inch closer to the right User Experience. And we all know, for Software Development, UX is the key.

Bugasura automates bug tracking and reporting and streamlines the process of achieving a great user experience. Try Bugasura, use your time effectively.