How does the future of testing remotely look like?

Test Infrastructure

– People won’t build their own test infra device labs.

– Headspin Browserstack Saucelabs Lambdatest pCloudy TestProject for the win.


– Cloud lab providers & framework developers will find a mid path to co-exist.

– People write lesser and more useful automation code.

Quicker feedback loop

– Non / less coding A.I / M.L fast feedback will find a mega use.

– Testim, testai, Applitools for the win.

Exploratory Testing

– Bug bashes, everyone participating in testing.

– Testbuddy & Bugasura bug tracking tools are for the win.

Learning & Interviews

– Community-driven, Assessment-driven online learning platforms will become important.

– MoT, Test Automation University, Test Leaf, Automation Step by Step for the win.

Multi geo testing

– Time for niche service players in this space.

– Headspin and Applause for the win.


– Testing and Tester savvy culture wins.

– Thoughtworks, Moolya Testing for the win.


– Visibility tools, test coverage analytics & decision dashboards have to be reinvented.

– Smartbear, Tricentis, Bugasura bug reporting tools for the win.

Testing Conferences

– Highly engaging, fun driven, relaxed online conferences is the future.

– Test Bash Home & TheTestTribe for the win.