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Bug management tool for fast img moving teams

Report, track, and resolve issues efficiently with AI-enabled bug reporting and issue tracking.

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Bugs Boxing Gloves, Meet your match with Bugasura

No more slow, ineffective bug tracking.

AI-enabled Issue tracker

With intelligent features designed to streamline your development process, Bugasura empowers your team to tackle the most complex challenges with ease.


Generate impact of issues on customers with AI

Log bugs faster with AI issue tracker. Upload context document to generate issue description, type, and impact of bugs.


Custom workflows and sprints

Automatically assign issues, customize issue fields, attach voice comments, create public projects, and streamline your sprints.


Easy exports and imports

Export issues from Bugasura in CSV and JSON formats. You can also import issues from google sheets, excel sheets, and even JIRA.

Generative AI
Custom workflows and sprints
Export and Import

Bug reporters for every use-case

For the first time - issue tracking made contextual with integrated issue reporting! Get visual steps to reproduce with Bugasura reporters.


Website feedback + frontend testing

Best for website feedback and frontend testing. Get annotatable automatic screenshots on every scroll and click. Automatically capture device details and assign issues from extension.

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In-app bug reporting widget

Embed a chat widget in your saas dashboard and get session replays and console messages for the errors. Integrate with existing chatbots as a “report an issue” option.

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Website feedback
In app reporting

Features to give your team productivity ⚡️superpowers

Automatic dashboards

Bug reports that pull insights from the tracker to help you focus on things that matter.

Automatic Dashboard

Seamless integrations

Integrate Bugasura to your flow of work - explore our integrations with popular project management and developer tools like GitHub, JIRA, Slack, and more.

Seemless Integration

Unlimited projects

Choose or switch between unlimited private and public projects to make sure everyone on your team finds exactly what they need.

Unlimited Projects

Performance monitoring

Monitor the performance of your website with Google Core Lighthouse reports being directly pulled into your Bugasura project.

Performance monitoring

Advanced filters and sorting

Find exactly what you’re looking for with advanced sorting and filtering options in projects. Also search for issues inside projects with global search.

Advanced filters and sorting

Close bugs faster at half the 💰 cost and ⌚️time!


Cloud-based and On-premise options

Bugasura issue tracker and reporters offer a cloud based and self-hosted options both making it a flexible choice for organisations of all shapes and sizes.


Pocket-friendly pricing for small teams

Get started for free with 5 team members and pay as you grow! We help you save 40% on monthly JIRA costs and help you reduce tech debt.


Privacy and security

With end-to-end encryption, secure authentication protocols, and regular security checks, we prioritize the confidentiality and integrity of your information highly at Bugasura.

Used by 50,000+ developers, testers, and product managers to ship quality features in 25+ countries

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