Record Your App Testing

Bugasura captures test flow and generates awesome reports

3x more bugs per hour

Bugasura takes away the laborious task of the bug reporting on Android and keeps the focus on to find more bugs

Fn + Perf = Powerful Testing

Functional and Performance are two different phases. Bugasura double up Functional Test with Performance Profiling

More Test Power

Download & play

Just download and start testing.
No setup is required.

Reproduce bugs

Now Testers can reflect what they did.
Very handy to reproduce the bugs.

Jira Integrated

All bug reports are stored in Jira and Bugasura. Easy to edit on Jira later

Annotate Screenshots

Mark the specific area of interest on a screen. Focusing on the bug made easy

Performance Profiling

On screen performance profiling.
Memory, CPU and Network


Discover more than what you did using Bugasura Test Analytics


Free Forever
  • Test Native Apps
  • Test Mobile Web Sites
  • Screenshots
  • Test Reports
  • JIRA Integration
  • Performance Profiling
Free Forever

Love From Testers

Satwik Sharma,

QA Lead at DataFoundry

The app is promising to reduce more human efforts and make life easier as a QA. I would recommend this app

Rahul Verma

Software Testing Entrepreneur, Test Mile

It's an amazing app. It would be interesting to see its journey over the next 1-2 years with more such brilliance going in.

Santosh Chidura

Project Lead

It's a great app for mobile testing. It captures all the flow and generates the report with all the screen captures.

Farsheed Mir

Sr. Business Analyst, UnitedHealth Group

Very cool initiative. Keen to see the results of this union of test analysis and product ownership!

Deep Performance SDK

Integrate SDK to your app to get detailed performance profiling in parallel to your functional testing. Compare performance across two builds.