Like / Dislike Bugasura Issues
2023, Features, October

Introducing Like/Dislike Issues on Bugasura


The “Like/Dislike for Issues” feature is designed to enhance user engagement and feedback collection within Bugasura’s project management system. It allows users to express their sentiments toward specific issues, offering a quick and intuitive way to gauge issue popularity and sentiment.

Introducing Like/Dislike for Issues

With this new feature, users can now like or dislike issues within the project. It’s a simple yet powerful addition to the platform that enables more nuanced feedback collection.

Why should you use it?

This feature empowers your team in several ways: –

  • Gather more comprehensive feedback from users by letting them express their sentiments directly.
  • Easily identify popular and unpopular issues, helping your team prioritize work accordingly.
  • Encourage user engagement by allowing them to interact with issues in a more expressive manner.

How to use Like/Dislike feature

Using “Like/Dislike for Issues” is straightforward:

  • Navigate to the issue you want to express your sentiment about.
  • Locate the thumbs-up (like) and thumbs-down (dislike) buttons.
  • Click the thumbs-up to like the issue if you support it, or click the thumbs-down if you disagree.
  • Your vote will be recorded, and the issue’s sentiment will be updated accordingly.

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