New: Reply to Comments on Issues in Bugasura 💬
2023, Features, November

New: Reply to Comments on Issues in Bugasura 💬


Now you can reply to comments on the Bugasura issue tracker. Multi-level Comments (Comment Reply Feature) enhances your interaction on the platform by introducing nested comment threads, allowing for more organised and detailed discussions.

Introducing Multi-level Comments

This new feature enables users to reply directly to specific comments within a discussion, creating a hierarchical structure for more coherent conversations. Users can now easily follow and participate in sub-discussions.

Why should you use it?

With Multi-level Comments, you can engage in more in-depth conversations without cluttering the main discussion. It promotes clarity and structure by allowing users to respond directly to relevant comments, making it easier to navigate and comprehend discussions.


To use Multi-level Comments, simply click the “Reply” button located below any comment within a discussion. This action will create a new comment that is linked to the parent comment, visually indicating its position in the hierarchy. This feature streamlines interactions and keeps discussions well-organized.

On Bugasura Issue tracker, you can not just add and reply to comments but you can also like and dislike them – use the like / dislike comment feature to generate roadmap and feature priorities for your tasks and bugs. Don’t forget to check out voice comments as attachments to enhance your Bugasura experience.

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