Bug Tracker Platform, Improvements


We have also made a few major improvements to the platform 

Here is the list of things you could do

  • Help banners have been added to provide you with more information about how a certain feature is useful to you.
  • Check on more than one filter and fetch the results, in turn reducing the number of clicks.
  • Filter out issues based on New, In progress and Closed status by clicking on the Status Label Counts on Issues List page.
  • The Try Now banners on the left nav will now open as a pop-up rather than navigating to a new page, allowing you to make changes in the pop-up, close it, and return to the previous page to continue.
  • Deallocate/Unassign the member to whom issue is assigned on the detailed issue pop-up instead of opening the assignee issue list.
  • View the team members list on issues page.

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