Bug Tracker Platform, Features

Weekly Pending Tasks Summary

You will now be receiving an email that summarises the number of open issues under your name for the entire week. Bugasura will help you by giving an insight into the issues that need to be picked by you in order to bring them to closure. With this mail, you will be informed about the issue assigned to you across multiple teams and projects. This mail will be sent every Monday morning helping you schedule the work over the entire week. You can click on the “View” button to be re-directed to the issue and work on it or to click on “View All Now”, which would take you to the “My Dashboard” with all the issues assigned to you across teams and projects.

Bug Tracker Platform, Features

Extend Your Trial

You will be able to extend the trial for 10 more days using this option, with which you can explore our product more efficiently. This will be shown to you after the 14-day trial post Sign Up you can either subscribe to one of our plans or extend the trial and use our product seamlessly for the next 10 days

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