Bug Tracker Platform, Features

Epic Plan Introduced!

With the addition of a new plan i.e. Free Plan, you will be able to use the product without any hassle. Also, you can invite up to 10 members and access all the features of the product. As a PRO Plan user, you can access all the features just at Rs.350/user/month OR $5/user/month with an unlimited number of users and unlimited projects.

Bug Tracker Platform, Features

Email Notifications

The emails you receive from Bugasura can be personalized now. The email alert setup can be done at the member level and also the admin level for issues and projects. The e-mail notification option can be found on the integrations page. The emails you receive from Bugasura can be customized which will help to choose the updates you would like to receive from the team.

Bug Tracker Platform, Features

Simpler Navigation

We have introduced a left navigation pane that gives users a new way of exploring features in the product. This provides easy access to Projects, My Dashboard, What’s New, Manage and User Profile. You can find a snapshot of your profile by hovering on the user profile icon to give more insights on your user name, email id and current plan.

Bug Tracker Platform, Features

Page Navigation Made Easy

Now the range of issues on the issue list page can be varied. You can simply pick the number of issues that can vary from 10 to 100 issues per page in the drop-down list page. This increases readability and enhances the user experience as the number of issues you would like to view can now easily be selected on a single page.

Bug Tracker Platform, Features

Helping you get started!

Demo Projects with real-time issues have been added to assist you to understand how easy it is to create issues and track them to completion using our product.

We’ve also created a public project that you can access at any time on the platform to report issues, raise concerns, and receive updates on issues you’ve created, resulting in open and transparent communication between you and us.

Bug Tracker Platform, Features

Log Bugs via Email

You can now add bugs into your report by sending out a mail to unique IDs that we have for all Sprints. Reporting bugs is now made much simpler and easier with this. You will be able to add a summary, descriptions and attachments via email which would be reflected in our tracker. Please click on the link to learn more about how you could do this.

Bug Tracker Platform, Features

User Profile

You can now edit your profile picture, name and change passwords using the User Profile.

Here are few things you could do

  • User profile can be accessed by clicking on your name and ID on the right top corner.
  • Choose an avatar or your favorite image as your profile picture.
  • Set a new password.
  • Edit your first and last name.
  • Find details about the plan you are in.
  • Insights on number of projects and teams you are part of.