Bugasura Zendesk integration
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Customer support now smoother with Bugasura Zendesk integration


Zendesk is a customer service platform to organize and manages customer tickets. It can get really difficult and increase work load for teams that are trying to address technical bugs from customers. Zendesk tickets are logged in many different ways like email, webform, chat, etc. Creating these tickets into any tool manually and managing them is a tough job.

Introducing Bugasura – Zendesk Integration

Now, you can Integrate Zendesk with Bugasura Projects.

You can set up Zendesk in such a way that newly created Zendesk tickets will automatically get added to your selected Bugasura project. You can also set conditions which can allow a Zendesk Ticket to be added to the Bugasura project only when those conditions are met.

Why should you use it?

If you are managing your Customer tickets in Zendesk, then you can Integrate Zendesk with Bugasura and manage both. Developers can directly look at the technical issues, respond, and close them from Bugasura and the ticket gets updated on Zendesk.

And you can manage these Zendesk tickets via Bugasura easily.

How to Set up Zendesk Bugasura integration?

Step 1: On Project Integration Page, there will be a Zendesk Sync option.

Select Zendesk in Project Integrations section

Step 2: By clicking on it, an Integration Wizard popup will open. Here, you have to enter your Zendesk Server URL, your email Id and your access token.

Enter access token

Step 3: In the next step, select the Zendesk account that you use for customer support. You would also need to select the Bugasura Project’s Sprint report to which Zendesk Tickets needs to add.

Connect to Bugasura sprint

Step 4: After that, simply map the Bugasura Project fields with Zendesk Ticket fields.

Map fields for auto population

Step 5: Now, you can set the conditions for when should Bugasura needs to add the Zendesk Tickets. You can set the conditions based on the rules you want to set for when to add the tickets from Zendesk.

Add conditions for Zendesk to sync with Bugasura

After doing this, the Zendesk Integration will be completed.

Note that, you have to be the Admin of the team to Integrate Zendesk for the Project


After Integrating Zendesk with Bugasura Project, whenever a ticket is created to Zendesk and that ticket’s fields values are satisfying the conditions, Bugasura will automatically pull the ticket from Zendesk and add it to the select Project’s Sprint Report.

Once the Zendesk ticket is pulled to Bugasura, the new comments from the Zendesk ticket will be automatically pulled to Bugasura and the comments added to Bugasura Issue will be automatically pushed to the Zendesk ticket.

Also, the updates would sync on Zendesk and Bugasura automatically. This will take away all you manual efforts and allow you to manage and close bugs faster for your customers.

We also recently launched an integration with Asana. Check out the Bugasura Asana integration here.

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