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Droidcon team was back to India after a two-year hiatus and we were pretty excited. Hosted at Chennai, it is among the Indian cities with the most talented and skilled developers/testers and is a hotbed for innovation and tech startups.

This year featured:

  • 2 days of Android Tech Talks
  • 50+ Sessions
  • Workshops & Codelabs
  • Best-in-class speakers from Android teams from across the globe

Day 1

Lots of interesting conversations, many even getting hands-on with Bugasura- Everyone’s Testing Assistant!

Day 2

Day 2 ended on high note! We loved the energy, the curiosity and the conversations throughout the 2 days. Bugasura have been pretty much loved and appreciated for the value these tools add when complemented with development. Some big brands looking at implementing it organisation wide. For us – we had a lovely time getting in front of our users and helping them solve fundamental problems in testing!