Bug Tracker Platform, Improvements

Improvements in January 2021

Create New Project

​First time users can now directly create new projects without providing the URL. Users can now also pin any particular project and unpin them.​​​

Issue List Page ​

First time users can add issues in the issue list with one or multiple issues.​​​

Top Issue Widget

NowUsers can search top issues with the tags and summary, it will popup the issue. Clicking on the issue id users can get the summary of the issue and the popup for the particular issue appears where user can make changes.
Also, User can tag anyone from the team in the comments.​​​

Cosmetic Changes

Name in the emails from Issue tracker will now show the actual name of the person who makes changes in the issue and does not show Bugasura any more. This makes the communication exclusive and easy.​​​

Mobile View Top Navigation

Users can now easily navigate from one screen to another and view all the changes in one place. 


Android App, Extension, Features

Assign Issues in Bug Report Page

Latest updates in the App and extension provides user an easy option to Assign the issue to the team or an individual from the Bug Report Page itself. User need not move to Bugasura web to Assign the issue as the option is now available within the App and the extension. You can invite a new email id and also cancel out the invites from the popup itself.​​

Bug Reporter Android App​

Bug Tracker Platform, Features

Project Dashboard

It is a consolidated report of the project where user can see all the issue status, tags used for all the reports which are under that project, severity level, operating system coverage and all the top issues which helps the user to keep a check on all the projects.​​