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Android App, Features

Connect Projects to Apps

With Bugasura Android Reporter, you can now report issues by linking an app to a project created on the Bugasura tracker; the same changes will be mirrored on the platform as well and vice versa. Previously, we were unable to launch projects created in the platform using the Reporter App since the package name and build version were not associated. You now can launch platform projects directly from the Reporter App.
Our Android app is now project-centric rather than app-centric. We can now associate Apps with projects, and this is reflected in the platform as well. Both the Android Reporter App and Bugasura Tracker are synced in this way.

Android App, Features

International Payment Gateway Support with Stripe

We have our valued International Users who have used and liked Bugasura but have been unable to pay with their credit cards via the current payment gateway. As a result, we’ve integrated the Stripe Gateway, which helps

  1. Our Indian and International customers make payments and use our product without interruption.
  2. To set up recurring payments easily.
  3. You to easily subscribe to our platform with a credit card.
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Assign Issues in Bug Report Page

Latest updates in the App and extension provides user an easy option to Assign the issue to the team or an individual from the Bug Report Page itself. User need not move to Bugasura web to Assign the issue as the option is now available within the App and the extension. You can invite a new email id and also cancel out the invites from the popup itself.​​

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