Testers or let me just call them Hunters. Hunters who explore apps and software, forage the code, go beyond fragmentation problems etc. Just before the app is published its given to these brave huntsmen who are all in the pursuit of one thing – BUGS!

Each of them has their tactics, their style of bringing down the prey. Now lo and behold this Prey I must say are very smart, hiding in the most uncertain areas, areas less explored and sometimes most unlikely.

I spoke to a few of these highly skilled and experienced hunters(read testers and developers) to talk to us about more about these scenarios. Roads less taken but must be taken.

 Here we go presenting to you the :

  1. Time taken for opening each screen. (performance + UX)  -As a thumb rule, after the user taps on

    the app icon the first screen should be shown in 1-2 seconds.

  2. Error handling in terms of network and API crash
  3. Testing app in 2G
  4. Testing with poor or no network availability: These days most of the apps depend fully or partially on network. It’s essential, specially in a country like ours, that we extensively test for network failure.
  5. GPU Performance
  6. Memory leaks within the app
  7. Testing across range of devices: Android lives on all kind of device ranging from very low spec to high spec. It’s essential that the app shall be tested as many devices as possible.
  8. Testing corner cases: This is difficult to test but these are the ones which attribute to most of the issues.
  9. Developers not doing Unit testing in enterprise app development. ( This comes directly from the horse’s mouth)
  10. Sanity test cases are absolute must have.