If you’re in the app making business you have already heard and known about Flutter . My last article has also emphasized a lot about Flutter  – read here.  

It’s a relatively new, supposedly simple framework designed for making cross-platform native apps, we are in the Flutter phase right now I wanted to understand more about it and also about developers using the platform.  Most of them couldn’t stop emphasizing how productive it is and also their newly found love for DART. We spoke to Sahil Kumar an absolute Flutter Fanatic to know more about this marriage.

What is DART ?

DART is a language that Flutter loves, a language that makes Flutter even strong. Dart is one of very few languages  that is well suited to being compiled both Ahead of Time and Just in time . Supporting both kinds of compilation provides significant advantages to Dart and furthermore Flutter.

Dart is Google’s replacement for JavaScript language. It was announced in October of 2011, and the general intention is to provide the same tools that JavaScript does plus a lot of Object-Oriented features to make it a real world programming language. It is also the primary language to create beautiful apps in Flutter for the Google’s new OS Fuchsia.

Why do Flutter and Dart make a great combo?

credit https://hackernoon.com

Sahil Emphasized this and pointed out to us numerous points why flutter uses dart.

* Dart is a JIT (Just In Time) compiled language for exceptionally fast development cycles and game-changing workflow (including Flutter’s popular sub-second stateful hot reload)

* Dart allows Flutter to avoid the need for a separate declarative layout language like JSX or XML, or separate visual interface builders, because Dart’s declarative, programmatic layout is easy to read and visualize.

* Dart makes it easier to create smooth animations and transitions that run at 60fps.

* Dart is AOT (Ahead Of Time) compiled to fast, predictable, native code language. This not only makes Flutter fast but also the ability to customize everything.

* The last one is : Dart is particularly easy to learn because it has features that are familiar to users of both static and dynamic languages.

That brings us to the next question: How important is it to know Dart before using Flutter?

 Dart is very easy to learn and one should always know the basics of the language he is using. It only makes it easier for the developer to do all the advanced things by himself.

We have not stopped loving kotlin yet and here come Dart ..what are the pros and cons:

Well every language has its Pros and Cons. If you look at Kotlin, it is created specially for the native android development and its best in the world for creating android apps but it too have some limitation. Like we cannot create apps for IOS with kotlin.

Then here comes Dart, which can be used for building apps and websites for all types of platform (Cross Platform). But it too has limitations like, It’s still in the development phase. And there are many things which we can’t do in flutter yet which we can do in native Development.

In the end it’s always good to learn a new language or platform, It only helps you in becoming a better developer day by day.